8th Annual Pet Blogger Challenge


Take Paws/GoPetFriendly is hosting the annual pet blogger challenge for 2018. Pet bloggers from all over will be participating. Last year, they had a total 53 bloggers who participated. This year, you can add +1 to that number! Take Paws/GoPetFriendly posted 10 questions for everyone to answer, so here are mine!

This is the second blogger challenge that I’ve participated in for this year. You can find my other one here.

For those who may be visiting your blog for the first time, how long have you been blogging and what is your main topic?

  • Mom has only let me have my own blog for a short time, maybe a few months by now, but I love it! I, Misha, am the voice behind the blog. Mom is just the human who types everything for me since I have paws, not hands. I mainly focus on fostering dogs and educating my followers about pet care; as well as how they can help homeless pets. I hope that one day there will be no more homeless pets.

What was your proudest blogging moment of 2017?

  • I think my proudest moment would have to be publishing my first blog post! My blog is still fairly new so I haven’t accomplished that much as of right now. But with the new year, I hope to achieve many things!

Which of your blog posts was your favorite this year and why? (Please include a link.)

  • My favorite post was probably “How to Keep Your Pet Safe During the Howlidays.” This is one of the first educational posts that I published from my own perspective. Mom used to blog on her own site, but decided that readers would enjoy posts more if they were told by me. So that’s what we’re doing. Mom said she will slowly transition her old blog into mine.

In terms of your blog, how do you measure success?

  • For me, success would mean being able to make an impact on a reader’s life so that they go out into the world and help homeless or needy animals in their own way. I want my readers to make a difference in an animal’s life. Whether that’s by volunteering at their local shelter or rescue, donating, fostering, or even as simple as spaying and neutering their pets!

In what ways has your blog changed during 2017?

  • Since my blog is still fairly new, I really can’t comment anything on this question. Mom is still busy tweaking some little things so that my blog correctly reflects my personality and interests. 🙂

What was the biggest blogging challenge you overcame in 2017, and what did you learn that could help other bloggers?

  • I haven’t really faced any challenges yet, but if I do, I will keep moving forward! Nothing is going to bring me down! 🙂

When things get hard, what keeps you blogging?

  • There’s always something to talk about! Whether it’s about a new foster bro or sis in my house, educating my followers, or helping needy animals. I know that I am making a difference in some way, big or small. It also helps knowing that I have a fairly large following on my social media to help me along the way.

Looking forward to 2018, what are you hoping to accomplish on your blog this year?

  • I’m hoping to lend a helping paw to more foster pups this year and make a difference in needy animals’ lives. I’m also hoping to inspire others to do the same.

In addition to what you’d like to accomplish, is there one specific skill you’d like to improve or master this year?

  • Mom says my listening skills. Ha! If she hasn’t learned already, I’m part Husky. I do what I want! Just kidding. Love you Mom. I don’t think there’s anything I need to improve on, I’m quite perfect already!

Now it’s your turn! You have the attention of the pet blogging community – is there a question you’d like answered, or an aspect of your blog that you’d like input on? Share it here, and we’ll answer you in the comments!

  • I want to know how what my readers and visitors think of my blog overall! Like I said before, Mom is still tweaking some things but there’s always room for improvement. And I’m sure there will be a few minor changes in the future so that my blog is “me.” Also, what do you do to help animals in need?

Thanks for reading!


25 thoughts on “8th Annual Pet Blogger Challenge”

  • That’s awesome you foster! We used to volunteer as fosters for one of our local rescues too. I think your blog looks great! One thing I’d consider is making the size of your font larger. I only say this because I heard this about my blog from several of my readers and made the change. I don’t volunteer as a foster anymore (I’m sure I will again sometime in the future). Instead I’ve been raising service and guide dogs for individuals with disabilities.

  • Nice to meet you. I have fostered several dogs and cats and I know I will in the future. Right now I hope I’m helping as many pets as possible keep their homes by helping their owners understand training issues. I don’t volunteer at the moment but I would like to start donating financially to a specific group monthly.

    I agree that a larger font size would be good. I have good vision and it’s hard for me to read on mobile.

    • Thanks for your feedback, too! That is so wonderful of you, both the fostering and educating pet owners! I love it!

  • Congrats on starting your blog! I LOVE your logo as well as your mission to help shelter animals. My blog mission is similar so hurray for helping rescue pets!

    I focus on promoting adoption for special pets – seniors, those with medical or behavioral issues, and others who sometimes get overlooked. One piece of advice I have for cause/rescue bloggers is to balance the sad/serious with the funny. Finding this balance is really important otherwise readers get overwhelmed and may start to tune out. I share stories of my own rescue pets as well as inspiring stories of other rescue animals (both those adopted as well as those in need of homes). Balance and keeping things inspiring and hopeful are always key.

    I look forward to reading more of your posts and wish you the absolute best! I will also sign up to follow you on Facebook.

    • Happy to hear that you enjoy my blog! That is SO nice of you to help pets that are often overlooked. Thank you for your efforts. 🙂 And thank you for the feedback as well!

    • Thanks for your feedback! Mom added an add for Petfinder and AdoptAPet to help direct some traffic towards their sites for people interested in adopting a pet!

  • We used to foster before we moved onto a sailboat. I really miss it. So I love reading posts about fostering.

    Of course when we fostered we ended up with lots of puppies and special needs dogs. So I never got to blog as much about it as I would have liked. Too busy.

    I second Colby’s suggestion to increase the font size. Not only is it easier to read, but it feels very welcoming. And Misha, I’m sure you want to welcome lots of people who think you’re as beautiful as I do.

    • That sounds so cool living on a sailboat! I went on a boat once, but I got a little seasick afterwards! 🙁 But I had fun overall! I enjoyed swimming in the water and digging in the sand. Cheers to you for fostering! Maybe one day you’ll be able to do it again. 🙂 And thanks for your feedback too.

  • Hi Misha! Your blog looks wonderful to me. I really like that you included all of your cat brothers and sisters on your About page. I’m always impressed by homes with multiple species of pets. In terms of constructive feedback, my pet peeve with websites is frustrating navigation. I like finding stuff…easily. And I can do that here. For your blog, you’ve got dropdown categories, which I find really helpful if I’m looking for something specific. Along with your search feature. I noticed bloggers in other niches creating archives for their content, so I made one for my blog. My archives gets pretty decent traffic, which makes sense to me. Sometimes if I’m on a new blog, I’ll look at the About page, but I also like scanning the archives to see the overall content this person creates. Just an idea to gnaw on. Cheers!

    • Thank you! Mom said I couldn’t leave the Catsters out! 😛 Thank you for your feedback as well. I’m glad that it’s easy for you to navigate my blog. I’ll make sure Mom adds something for the “Archives.”

  • I love your voice and positive attitude, Misha! I’ve fostered previously and I’m so happy to see that you have a focus on it. One thing I recommend for your site is creating vertical images that are optimized for Pinterest. I use Social Warfare to load both images and hide the Pinterest one so it only shows up when being pinned. It definitely helps get more repins!

  • I love the ‘clean’ look of your blog.

    We have one dog, Delilah who we rescued from a high kill shelter. One of the ways we try to help animals is by participating in the Blog the Change blog hop, and sharing stories/pets on our social media.

  • Thanks so much for participating in the Challenge, Misha, and congratulations on getting your own blog. You’re doing great, and remind your mom that girls who follow all the rules rarely make history! =D

    I agree that increasing the font size would be a big improvement, especially since so many people now read blog on their mobile devices. Also, it’s a good idea to get an SSL certificate indicating that your site is secure. It will help with your SEO results, and will prevent pop-up warning people that they’re heading to a website that’s not secure.

    Wishing you all the best in 2018. Waggin’ trails!

  • Misha! I am so glad we get to hear more from you now. I am trying to let Callie and Charlie share the blog more often… it sounds like your mom did a better job of it! As we have followed you on Twitter but not here, (of course we will now), we didn’t know of all these exciting changes. How much fun it must be to have foster brothers and sisters. Callie and Charlie – well, ok, maybe just Charlie – hope we can do that when we buy a bigger house in a couple of years. For now, their other mom says NO MORE ANIMALS!
    It’s excellent to hear that you are writing educational articles too, Misha, you and your mom have always been great at helping pets everywhere.
    Love, Molly, Callie, and Charlie

  • I love the idea of the blog being from your perspective, Misha! Hitting publish on that first post can definitely be scary, so good for your for putting yourself out there. I can definitely get behind the message of helping animals in need and it sound like you and your mom do a lot to help animals. We have traveled through several countries where animals are treated very differently than they are in the US, and it broke our hearts.

  • Hello!! I am new to blogging too! Right now, I am running the blog. But my boy Ryder has been asking to do some of his own reviews. He wants to let the hoomans know about his favorite doggie things. Hopefully soon. We have a few things in the works. It is so nice to meet you through the challenge! I look forward to reading more.

  • Misha!!! Oh my gosh, look at you – so cute!!! I wish you all the luck in the world with your new blog and I want to thank you – I’ve admired those share buttons you have on blogs for years and years but I never knew how to get them, but I thought I’d give it I try when I saw them here and now I have share buttons and they’re making me very happy! Wow, that was a long sentence. But a happy one! ❤ *boops your snoot*

  • Misha, congratulations on getting your own blog! You are adorable with such an important cause. Harley & Shasta were both rescues. I love hearing stories about fostering! What a good girl you are being so accepting of your foster brothers and sisters.

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