Meet Misha

AboutHello everypawdy! My name is Misha.

Pronounced ME-sha.

I am a German Shepherd X Husky mix rescue pup living in Florida, US. I’m currently about 2.5 years young. I am on a mission to lend a helping paw to other foster pups and animals in need! I also strive to educate my readers and followers about how they can help as well.

Gotcha Day: 5/14/17

Adopted from: Sophie’s Circle Dog Rescue

My Story

Before I was rescued by Sophie’s Circle Dog Rescue, I lived in the backyard of my previous home chained to a tree. I was starving and never knew when my next meal would be. Thankfully, the nice lady next door noticed me and the condition I was living in. She begged the man who owned me to give me up so that I could be removed from such a terrible living condition. He refused. The nice lady had to bribe him with money just so that he would give me up.
After the nice lady saved me, she contacted Sophie’s Circle right away. She couldn’t keep me but she knew that I would be in good hands with the rescue. I was brought into a foster home with other dogs and lived there for about 2 weeks.

The name given to me by the rescue was originally Lexus/Princess. I caught Mom and Dad’s eyes as soon as they saw my picture on the rescue’s Facebook page. They asked to meet me as soon as it was possible. Mom and Dad’s hearts melted as soon as they met me. It was a perfect match.

And let’s just say that I am a Daddy’s girl now.

My Mission

After everything that I went through for the first two years of my life, I wish that no other animal had to go through that. Unfortunately it still happens! That’s why I’m working alongside Sophie’s Circle Dog Rescue to help end that!
I lend a helping paw to each foster pup that walks through our doors. I teach them what it’s like to be able to live like a dog truly should! You can see all of the foster pups I’ve helped find furever homes for here.

I also hope to inspire my readers and followers to go out into the world and help homeless or animals in need in their own way. I want my readers to make a difference in an animal’s life. Whether that’s by volunteering at their local shelter or rescue, donating, fostering, or even as simple as spaying and neutering their pets! There’s always something that can be done to help. Make a difference and be a hero to an animal in need.




AboutThe Humans Behind the Blog

Since I have huge paws, Mom does all the typing for me! Isn’t that so nice of her? Dad is just here for mutual support. Mom and Dad are my personal chauffeurs! They take me from place to place; where ever I need or want to go!

Anyways, Mom’s name is Elizabeth. She’s a vet tech, animal lover, pet mom, and wife to Dad, Mark. She enjoys her free time writing and taking pictures of me and the foster pups.

Mom and Dad are pet parents to five cats and me, of course! You’ll hear about the Catsters every once in a while on my blog! I’ll introduce them below.



The Catsters