Adopt a Dog!

Adopt a Dog

October is known as the American Humane’s “Adopt-a-Dog” month. This month is dedicated to educating the public about the life-changing experience that comes along with adopting a dog.



There are endless reasons to adopt a dog. Every year, there are millions of animals left waiting in the shelters looking for their forever homes. Puppies have an easier time getting adopted – well, because they’re puppies(and who doesn’t love puppies?)! Adult dogs have a harder time finding the perfect adopter, especially large dogs, and are often overlooked. But you can change that by adopting one!

Dogs are man’s best friend. Wouldn’t you want to come home from work everyday to be greeted by someone like me who’s so excited to see you? I love waiting at the front door to see Mom and Dad when I hear their car doors close. You should see the smiles on their faces. Mom always says she has to go to this thing called “work” and that she’ll be right back. So I just sit and wait. Maybe take a nice nap on the couch. Wait for them to come back home.

Enough talkies about me though.

Just spending fifteen to thirty minutes with your dog can help you feel more calm and relaxed after a long day. It’s proven science that having a companion animal, a dog like me, can help reduce stress and increase happiness. Dogs can help improve your physical well-being and help lead a more active lifestyle. Mom likes to take me for walkies in the evening. They also make excellent service and alert animals. A dog could even save your life!

And of course, there’s never a dull or boring moment with a dog! They’re always looking for ways to please you or make you laugh. Mom and Dad think I’m a goofball. 🙂




There’s no better way to celebrate this month than to bring home a dog from your local shelter or rescue. Make a difference in a dog’s life by giving them a forever home! Always put adoption at the top of your list when you’re looking for a new dog. For those of you who are local to Volusia County, Florida, check out Sophie’s Circle Dog Rescue! That’s where Mom and Dad adopted me from! There are still lots of dogs looking for the perfect home.



If you aren’t able to adopt, there’s always the option to foster! That’s what I help Mom and Dad do. It has been the most rewarding and fun experience(besides adopting of course!) knowing that I’m lending a helping paw to homeless dogs until they find their forever homes. I get to teach foster pups how to be a DOG. They’re provided with a temporary home full of love, compassion, and treats(lots and lots of treats!) 🙂

When you foster a dog, you’re helping in many ways. You help free up a spot in your local shelter or rescue which then allows them to save another dog. You’re able to give your foster dog the attention and time he or she needs to become adoptable. This allows the dog to socialize and become adapted to a home environment. During this process, you also learn the dog’s behavior and personality which helps the shelter or rescue place the foster dog in the best home.

And if you become too attached to your foster dog, you can always adopt them. 🙂



If you can’t adopt or foster at the moment, there’s always the option of sponsoring. You can sponsor an individual dog(like Best Friends Animal Society does). In exchange for a small donation, you usually get access to weekly updates and photos about them. Sponsoring is great because you’re still making a difference in a dog’s life by providing your local shelter or rescue with the funds to help care for the animals.



If you have some spare time on the weekends or after work or school and want to make a difference for an animal, volunteer at your local shelter or through a rescue! Mom and Dad volunteer their free time to Sophie’s Circle at their events. And I usually get to tag along, too! It’s always fun working with them. And I get to make new furiends! Volunteering is also a great way to get involved with your community and meet new people who share common interests!



You don’t have to donate a fortune or your life’s savings to make a difference. Count up the coins in your spare change jar and donate it. Donations don’t always have to consist of money, either! Items like food, treats, beds, and towels are all things that you can donate. Check with your local shelter or rescue and see if they have a donation wish list. Every little thing counts and makes a difference!



The whole reason why Mom let me start this blog was to educate my followers about fostering and pet care! Don’t think that you can’t make a difference in a dog’s life because you don’t have the space to adopt or foster, or the money to sponsor or donate. You can educate your furiends and family about the importance of all of these things, or the importance of spaying or neutering your pets! Anything, really! And who knows, you might make such an impact on someone that they go out and make a difference, just like you did!




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