Appreciate the Moments: January Photo Challenge

The Everyday Dog Mom and Dog Mom Days are joining together to host a monthly photo challenge for 2018! Mom’s photography isn’t her best talent(especially since she uses her phone), but she’s going to try her best to improve and play around with themed pictures for this photo challenge. This is the first time I’ve done anything like this and I’m so excited! Appreciate the Moments photo challenge is a blog hop, so all pet owners who blog are welcome to join. I hope you enjoy my pictures! I’ll be posting the first Friday of every month.

January Challenge: Winter

Winter in Florida doesn’t normally get too cold. It’s called the sunshine state for a reason! This year though, temperatures are extremely LOW. Like cold enough to cause flurries in the northern part of the state. Luckily for me, I already got to see snow for the first time in my life when Mom and Dad took me on their weekend vacation trip to Georgia! It had snowed the week before we all went up there, but was starting to melt away by the time we got to our destination. There was still a little frost on the grass in the early mornings and I did not like the prickly grass under my feet! Mom said I take forever to go potty under such conditions. I can’t help it, it takes a long time to find a “good spot.” On the bright side though, I got to meet my grandparents(on Mom’s side)!

January Photo Challenge


I also got to spend my first Christmas with my family this year! And Rascoe did, too! I’m sure he knows what Christmas is all about by now because of his age(grandpa!), but I really got to enjoy this experience. And my grandparents spoiled me with presents, too!

January Photo Challenge

January Photo Challenge

Can’t wait for next month’s photo challenge! Thanks for reading!


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