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Everything is better with bacon! Am I right?! Who doesn’t like bacon?

The new year brings new treats from! This month I got to taste test this Benebone Wishbone that is bacon flavored. It also comes in an assortment of flavors to choose from(rotisserie chicken, bacon, and peanut butter) in case your pup has picky taste buds.

This chew toy is not your average chewy toy! You’ll find that this chew toy is made only with real ingredients like chicken and bacon.  You won’t find any chemicals or artificial flavors. That makes Mom happy. With a cool design and super strong nylon, this wishbone will last forever! Plus, with flavor packed grooves, it keeps me chewing endlessly.

Mom said it’s really not that smelly, and I think it smells delicious. Enough to make me go bananas when Mom teases me with it! And Mom likes that it doesn’t stain the carpet, either! So I can chew it wherever I please without Mom having to worry.

About the Company

Benebone is an American small family business that’s dedicated to making high-quality nylon bones for your pups. They make all of their products with 100% real food ingredients. Plus, it’s all made here in the USA! The best thing I like about this company though is that a portion of your purchases through Benebone are donated to animal support organizations throughout the nation!

As you can see I had no problem getting straight to work on that thing. I don’t like to rush through my work, I prefer to take my time. Looks like I have hours upon hours of work ahead of me before I finish this thing! Let’s see how long it takes me…

Thanks for reading this month’s product review! Sniff around and get it while it’s hot!

I received this product for free from in exchange for my honest review.


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