Chewy Influencer – November

20171114_173507-02Time to go to work! Working with as an influencer is awesome! I take my review job very seriously. I get to taste-test a product for free every month as long as I give my honest opinion about it. For this month, I had the opportunity to review two products, but I was nice enough to let the Catsters(my cat siblings) pick a delicious treat to try. I had a little taste of it too because it just smelt so darn good!

What?! I couldn’t help myself! It’s not my fault that they didn’t gobble it up right away. How do you not eat something that’s right in front of you? I just don’t get it. *face paw*

So for myself…

I picked Grandma Lucy’s Pumpkin Treats. For you pups who are conscious about what you eat and feed your bodies, these treats are organic and made with human-quality ingredients just for us! And Mom feels great about giving them to me too since they are a healthy snack! They are DELICIOUS and I can’t stop begging Mom for more when she gives me some. I could eat a whole bag if she’d let me!

Another thing I should mention is that they come in these cute little teddy bear shapes. I heard Mom say “Aww!” when she opened the bag. I was patiently waiting next to her since I figured she had something for me. Honestly I could care less about the shape since I just gobble it right up, but Mom thought it was cute.


Mom says they are the perfect size for training, too. I listen extra well when Mom or Dad has a treat in hand. And our foster dog at the time didn’t have a problem eating them either!

10/10 would buy and recommend to fellow pups and dog parents!

Stay tuned for December’s review!



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