Waef oihjaew lihaweohawn awoehfa.

Welp, that’s not going to work. My paws are too big for this keyboard! And that was my attempt at that thing called “typing.” So from now on, Mom is just going to do all the dirty work for me. I’ll just sit here looking pretty and tell her what to type.

My name is Misha.

Pronounced ME-sha.

I am a German Shepherd and Husky mix. I’m about 2.5 years old now.

Mom and Dad adopted me from a local rescue, Sophie’s Circle Dog Rescue, earlier this year(May of 2017). My scumbag of a previous owner left me chained to a tree in his backyard with no food or water. I was starving. The nice lady next door saw me and could no longer stand to see me in such conditions. She asked my owner nicely if she could take me but he refused. She had to bribe him with money just so that she could save me. Greedy man! He obviously didn’t care about me.

After that whole ordeal, the nice lady called up Sophie’s Circle and told them that I needed a new home, but she couldn’t keep me. The rescue took me in right away. I was with my foster family for 2 weeks before Mom and Dad found me on the rescue’s Facebook page! Mom called up Sophie’s Circle and asked if they could meet me. I think as soon as we met, Mom and Dad knew right away that it was a perfect match.

And let’s just say that I am a Daddy’s girl now.

I now live in a nice, big house with a fenced in backyard that I can run around and play in! I also have 5 cat siblings. We have a mutual love-hate relationship. All I want to do is just sniff their butts! I guess cats don’t like that.

I have also earned the nickname, Misha the Brute. Apparently I don’t know the strength of my own size. I’m a 5 pound teacup Chihuahua, right? Sometimes I get a little too excited about playtime. I knocked Mom over on accident and she landed straight on her face. Sorry Mom!

Anyways, Mom and Dad have also been fostering dogs through the rescue they adopted me from! How cool! I get to have foster bros and sisters to play with! I love showing them all the DOG things to do. You know, dig holes in the backyard, chase each other, howl at the sirens. All that good stuff.

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