Kurgo Seat Belt



Kurgo Seat Belt

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Wanna go for a ride?” Yes!

But first….


I’m always prepared for a safe trip on the road with my Kurgo seat belt! Mom and Dad got mine at PetSmart for a great and reasonable price! It doesn’t matter if we’re going for a quick five-minute drive or a long-distance road trip, I always wear my seat belt. Just like Mom and Dad wear theirs! If you humans wear seat belts, shouldn’t us pets?

Did you know that a 60 pound pup can become a 3,000 pound projectile in a car accident? Yikes! Don’t let that happen to your beloved pup! Every year, it is estimated by the American Humane Society that 100,000 dogs alone are killed just by riding in truck beds. And that doesn’t even count all of the dogs that jump out of windows or are unsecured during travel! Don’t let your pup become a statistic! Wear a Kurgo seat belt!

Nowadays in some states, it is considered illegal to allow your dog to travel in the car unrestrained. Some of these states even fine the owners! Unfortunately the state I live in, Florida, does not require your pups to be seat belted. BThey need to jump on the band wagon already!

Here’s my Thoughts

First off, I love my seat belt! It’s adjustable, so Mom can keep me on a shorter lead if needed. Right now, Mom and Dad have it short, but long enough for me to see out the windows. 🙂 I can hang my head out of the window, ears in the breeze, safely.

Again, I just can’t tell you enough how awesome this thing is! The carabiner attaches and detaches from your pup’s harness or collar easily so that you don’t have to unbuckle the seat belt part every time. And the seat belt clip is universal, meaning you can use it in pretty much any vehicle. Except Volvo’s for some reason. So if you have a Volvo, I’m sorry but you can’t use it! 🙁

This Kurgo seat belt comes in two colors, orange with black, or plain tan. Just in case your pup has a color preference. 🙂


Kurgo Seat Belt

Mom and Dad can drive without being worry warts. They don’t have to worry about me climbing into the front seat or roaming around freely in the car. I wouldn’t want to be a distraction and cause Mom or Dad to get into an accident!

Drive with peace of mind like Mom and Dad do knowing your pup is safe in the back seat as you drive.

And remember pups, always wear your seat belt! 🙂

Kurgo Seat Belt


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