Life of Misha 2017 Video

Mom put together a nice video for me that includes all of the foster pups I’ve helped along the way. I’ve only been lending a helping paw since the summer of 2017, but I’ve gotten to know quite a few characters during that short time frame.

Axel was the first of them. He was an old man, just like Rascoe, except less pudgy. He was heartworm positive and underwent treatment for it. Mom had to give him lots of medication! He also had some intestinal wormies and was underweight. In no time, he fattened up. And now he’s even fatter(in a good way) since he found his furever home!

After Axel, Mom and Dad brought home Olaf. He was a young, purebred Husky. Turns out, they knew his previous owner! He lost his home at no fault of his own though. Olaf was the goofiest goofball I’d ever met. Even more goofy than myself! He always had the funniest expression on his face with his tongue hanging out. He found his furever home with a lovely couple who also had a young Husky. I’d say it was a perfect match!

The next foster pups sort of came around the same time. Ana was a purebred Malamute that was left to live outside in her small crate because the previous owner was “allergic” to her. I’ve never met a dog so fluffy! And then there was Murdock, the first blind(well almost completely blind) dog that I’d ever met. You would have never guessed that he was blind by the way he got around! Both of them found their furever homes very shortly after each other.

And then there was Rascoe. He’s still hanging out here at our house. The rescue is still trying to find him his furever home. He’s an old man, but he’s starting to move a little more! He still won’t play with me. *sad face* He just loves to be lazy and sleep all day. Unless someone has food.

So here’s the video. Hope you enjoy it. 🙂

I just want to say thanks to all of my followers, especially on Instagram and Facebook! I couldn’t do it without you guys!

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