Meet Yukon!

YukonI’d like to introduce you all to my new foster bro! His name is Yukon. He is a two year-old, male Husky mix with a similar sad past just like my own. Mom will explain in further detail below. Fast forward, he already has a happy ending! He is going to his new furever home on Sunday!

This is Yukon’s story.

It’s like I’m looking through a mirror at myself, except he’s yellow and I’m not. This guy lived his entire life chained outside, never knowing what it was like to live a life inside a house.

He was unaltered, not vaccinated, and heartworm positive(he’s undergoing treatment for this now though).

He never knew what a warm, comfy bed felt like or what it was like to go for a walkie.

Imagine living outside throughout all of the seasons. We live in Florida, so it doesn’t get too cold during the winters, but the summers are excruciatingly hot. I can only hope that he had some short of shelter or shade to escape the weather.

He had never been around other dogs so he had no idea how to react towards them. I was greeted with growling and snapping. He wanted to play but would take it too far. Chasing would turn into aggression. But it wasn’t his fault. He had no manners! He had no idea to act like a normal dog.

Although I easily outran him. He was no match for me!

You can’t expect an under-socialized pup to automatically get along with another pup he’s never met before. All it took was a little behavior adjustment. I had to show him that I wasn’t there to hurt him. All I wanted from him was a play mate! I do like a good game of chase as long as it’s all friendly play. 🙂 Mom and Dad have been trying to teach him his manners, like “sit” and “down.” He did somehow learn “paw.” Good doggy! *I know I am! You don’t have to tell me twice! 😛

This guy has the attention span of a goldfish, no joke. So training has been a challenge for Mom and Dad. But small progress is good!

Really though, this pup is a lover. All he wants to do is give endless kisses and give hugs. He really likes it when the humans are down at his level. He loves EVERYONE!

Fast Forward

Yukon is going to his furever home on Sunday. He will be surrounded by a young couple that fell in love with his picture on Sophie’s Circle adoptable dogs page. They live in an apartment but have a great dog park within their apartment community. He will be able to run off all of his energy there and get a lot of exercise! This pup loves to run! Mom and Dad couldn’t be happier that it all worked out so well and how quickly he found his new family. His new family understands that Yukon still needs some training, but he will be a great addition to have around. They also will have no problem finishing Yukon’s heartworm treatment.

So for the next couple of days, feel free to follow my Instagram account to see more of Yukon while he’s still here!


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