I’d like everyone to meet my new foster bro, Rascoe! More like grandpa, but who cares! I certainly don’t. Age is just a number, right?

Rascoe is a senior Husky, about 10 years old, who’s got some health issues right now. Mom said he’s got heartworms, arthritis, and glaucoma. And he’s a little chunky! She also said that he’s going on a diet. I’m just glad it’s not me!

His diet food does smell pretty good though…

Sometimes I try to sneak into his food bowl when Mom’s not looking. I don’t understand how you can have food in your bowl and not eat it all at once? That one’s got me stumped. Food = eat. It’s a no-brainer.

My first foster bro, Axel, had heartworms, so I kinda already know about it. Mom says I have to keep the horse play to a minimum OR ELSE! Dogs with heartworms, especially severe cases, have to keep their exercise restricted since there’s all sorts of symptoms that come with it. And Mom said that Rascoe’s case is very severe. She has to give him these pills twice a day to help him. I just sit there and watch.

He’s also on these other oral medications and eye drops for his other conditions. He’s got enough of them to make his own little pharmacy! Just kidding. Again, I just sit and watch because that’s what I do best. Mom said he will only have to be on a couple of the medications long-term, like for his arthritis and glaucoma, to keep him comfortable.

Ever get that feeling like you're being watched_Rascoe is being watched by one of the Catsters.No worries though, this one's pretty harmless.

The day that Rascoe came into my home I introduced him to the Catsters. He didn’t care about them! How do you not want to chase and annoy them as I like to? One of them even walked right up to him. He didn’t move an inch! How’s that even possible?

Heck, I’m even writing my own “How to Befriend a Cat” guide just because! I’m gonna have to make sure he reads it. I’m gonna have Mom share it once I’m done perfecting it.


Mom said her fingers are getting tired of typing so on that note, I will say good bye!

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